Under the Bus #1

UnderBusLandlords must unite …

Landlords must unite, create leverage THEN become equal or valued partners or accept their place UNDER THE BUS!

See email sent to executive directors at housing agencies in the District of Columbia setting up the framework for a candid dialogue and mutually beneficial partnerships …


any Landlords are in the dark…
when it comes to business infrastructure, fair housing rules and regulations, landlord and tenant laws, project management and other pertinent skills required for effecting landlording. This in conjunction with the fact that there are many extremely savvy Tenants with bad intentions (and what appears to be inexhaustible FREE resources) being purported as victims.

There are plenty of success stories with the partnership between Landlords, Tenants and Housing Agencies; however, when issues arise the partnership collapses THEN …


               the Housing Agencies have to continue to field requests for help and pat the unsavvy Landlords on the back with the left hand while taking action against the same Landlords with the right hand.


his is not just the opinion of the author. It appears to be the consensus amongst many Landlords who feel that they have been in the trenches with “Section 8” and now they’ll pass on all similar programs. This negative publicity may create a spike in the housing crisis if not checked.

About the author …

  1. Landlord for 16 years
  2. Real estate broker for 15 yearsFacebook image
  3. Vice chairman of the Section 8’s DC Housing Provider’s Association for 5 years
  4. Founder of DCLUM, DC Landlord Unity Movement and Chairmain for 3 years
  5. Managing Partner of Housing & Urban Management dba HUM, a property management company, for 8 years – offering Property Management Plans for $35, $55 and $75 per month
  6. Inventor of PUSSH Scoring criteria which makes fair housing accessible for subsidized housing recipients
Michael T. Kornegay

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  1. Greetings. ..I’m on board to stand up for myself and other landlords. ..the landLord tenant system is bias in favor of the tenants as you have started and as I know for a fact …I have been a landlord in this city for years.

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